The Privilege Walk

On Friday 12 ,October 2018, we had a workshop which took place in Cape Peninsula University of Technology ,it was held in the Engineering building in E3:15 between 13:15 to 15:30 .The workshop was about Privileges , we are all privilege in different ways that is what i learnt from the workshop.

Firstly we had Ms Asanda who is working on the Journalism department ,she is a journalism lecture actually and we had Ms Dianna who is also working in E-Learning. they took us to an experiential activity which they asked very deep questions which some of us are related to .If a person is comfortable he/she steps back because this was a difficult part of it.

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These are three guests we had that Friday who taught  us that as people , we are all privileged no matter who you are ,where you from but you are privileged in your own way .They did an activity or exercise  which encourages embodied learning .We were required to participate to the exercise ,they required some of us to sit by the wall then guys are participating were in middle across the room.

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The first round was to show how people are discriminated and unprivileged due to the apartheid times .It showed that the non- blacks are dominating in front were many white man are in managerial positions and owns a land which makes it a huge difference to the non-whites who are at the back like all times .They asked statements that is related to anyone then that person moves backwards or forward.

The second round they asked for the other volunteers to participate and it was to come up with statements that would make the black women to be in front ,the main question was “what can be valued or emphasised more to the  South African women so they can be in front and be privileged ” at the end it showed blacks being in front then Ms Asanda asked other student who was in front last time how it feels to be at the back and he said that he don’t take .

Then she required the students to close their eyes and see how each person feel in his/her position, then each person express his feelings .Other student said that as we are coming from different backgrounds and we have different privileges we should not judge each other as we all come to school to better our lives and families to have a bright future .He said when you have made  friends try to get to know each other don’t underestimate others abilities because we don’t have the same abilities therefore that can build a healthy relationship between students .




what our visitors wanted to imply by this this event was that as a marketer  in 2018 upward what can i do make a change on how to address inequality of being privilege or unprivileged due to apartheid times ,how to imply the affirmative action because it has been years we are experiencing discrimination by gender ,race, and etc.

it seems like we are being blind folded that non of this event are still occurring in our lifetime but they are so now as a marketer what strategies you will imply trying to overcome this as you have we have learnt about Marketing strategies and how to use marketing communications. this is part of experience i have gained from the event that as a marketer you are involve in everything that is happening in daily  our lives as a citizen and as a person and that in order to make a difference in our society we need to work together to achieve the same goal and for the country to better of what it has been in decades ago.

Each persons voice makes a difference by adding more people we can make  one big voice which can be heard and have power to make things happen as it suppose to be.Ms Ayanda  said that we need to know what can we value the most in women  as the majority of them are not in managerial positions because 80% of white man are the one who owns the most so now we need to move them forward so that inequality can be eliminated and we all can be in the same margin .

It was an emotional workshop because the questions that were being asked are linked to some of us and each person needed to be comfortable in order to participate in that event ,some students were even crying during the event some were telling true stories that that they encounter based on these issues have been raised which one of them is discrimination based on gender and race .

All in all the whole the goal of the activity was to increase understanding  of privileges amongst the participants by presenting the facts and statements that each student has most likely been in a situation where privilege  effected their life in one way ,both positive or negative.

I have to thank our Marketing lecture Mr Dylan Cromhout for giving us a fruitful event which i have learnt much more and gained experience from it .



by siyandankutsho378


This event was hosted by Cape Peninsula University of Technology, by the Marketing department. It took place in Cape Town on the 28th of September 2018 at Commerce Building(2.58) between  13:00- 14:00. The event aims to help us learn more,share our insight and connect with industry professionals. The speakers where Yandile the Account Executive, Warren Bright the founder of Scope Digital and Dylan Cromhout a Marketing lecturer and entrepreneur, also have the experience on advertising.

It was a great experience to being part of that event ,they all shared their journey as marketers. we appreciate these platforms to get a chance to listen to what others have to say how they got to where they are now .It is always inspiring to see the youth attending to these kind of events to come and  share their fruitful stories  for us student so we can pick up something from them , to be honest i learnt a lot from them.

They welcomed  us to the event and there was a warm welcome for the H.O.D Mrs Jones,they they told us about the reason why we were there. Each speaker introduced themselves before sharing their story. They all wanted us to have a clear clarity or vision of what Marketing is , they were asking question then one answers from us students.For what they all said i have learnt that marketing is broad and everything is marketing .

I still remember an important question Mr Cromhout  asked , he asked that  ”what is to be a marketer in 2018 ?” and the answer was  as the marketer you have  to know what do customers need ,you have to know what they want and get into their skins to discover their needs and be hungry ,passionate ,self driven  and have much desire to get  customers needs . They wanted us to know how to be a marketer in 2018 that as their main question or statement on that event and that is what i have learnt from the event .

This event made me realise that in life nothing comes easy and you have to work hard to put yourself in place you want to be.they told us that everything is possible ,you can be your own boss which brought me to the young South African who owns his company Warren Bright (Scope Digital) that made to  be more inspired because that showed me that i can achieve my goals as long as i am goal orientated. Be hungry for success and focus ,put your mind in what you are doing.

I would like to thank all the speakers for a fruitful event ,i had gain more info on what i had before .I would like to thank the Marketing department and the event organisers this was very encouraging ,self motivation , educational and  event i enjoyed every moment of it .

what i want to achieve(youth development)


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As a  young South African i saw that there’s a need for a change in the education system that we use in our country.  As we know that South Africa has a  deficit of unemployment mostly the youth is the victims due to the fact that in the township  and local schools students are required to study their subjects choice when they get to grade 10 but bare in mind that  as people we don’t have same abilities  and as well as in  academic performance,therefore students  that do not perform well at school have their strong initiatives  and talent but not based in books  or scientific study .

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Basically our education system do not accommodate the students who are not strong academic performers,yes they do but not efficient because there are still young people with no jobs and many dropout at school at primarily level of their education , some due to lack of skills ,students tend to flock at school without knowing what is their best interests and abilities ,at the end we find that many students can’t cope with the burden of work given by the teachers and that brings up frustration on students .


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I want to my own organisation that will transform skills and knowledge to the young ones at an early stage of their  educational level so that as they grew up the will be self determined and know exactly which destiny to land on .The organisation  will  not only be looking at physical development of child but also emotional and physiological whereby they be able to develop skills and knowledge by offering them skills expertise to equip them for the future in order to groom them to brighten and better their lives and our country as a whole which will result in poverty alleviation  and increase job opportunities.

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The organisation will be also involved  in volunteering is also renowned for skill development and is often intended to promote goodness or to improve human quality of life, which will have a positive impact on the youth lives. I will make use of old buildings facilities and  transform them to training and skills development centre .Students will not  be forced to leave school but it will  be optionally have to attend classes in the morning but they will be accommodated after school.


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The organisation will encourage the students for ownership of their businesses or organisations to keep on the good work of improving lives of the others.


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